Top ten famous historians


1. Winston Churchill

  His full name is Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill. He was born on 30th November 1874. He was a British politician, writer, and army officer. He also worked as a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. He led Britain to victory during the second world war. Anthony Ethen was the deputy. He was preceded by Clement Atlee and succeeded by Anthony Eden. This was in his office from 26th October 1951 to 5th April 1955. He died on 24th January 1965 at the age of 90 years.

2. Theodore Roosevelt 

                 He was born on 27th October 1858. He was an American statesman. He is also a writer who served as a 26th president of the United States for nine years which is from 1901 to 1909. His positions that served nation are 25th vice-president of the United States and 33rd Governor of New York. In the early 20th Century, in the United States he became a driving passion for the Progressive Era. 

3.  Herodotus


  Herodotus was born in 484 BC. He was an ancient Greek historian. He was born in Halicarnassus in the Persian Empire. His notable work is on the history. His parents are Lyxes and Dryotus. Theodorus was his cousin. His histories mainly deals with the lives of Mycale, Xerxes and battles of marathon, Cyrus, Cambyses, Smerdis, Darius, Croesus. Few people called him the father of lies because of his many strange stories and people often assume that they are fake stories too.

4. Thucydides

        He was born in 460BC. He was an
Anthenian historian amd general. Until the year 411 BC, his history of the Peloponnesian war recounts fifth-century BC war which happened between Sparta and Athens.

He can also be called as the father scientific history by those people who accepts that his works and analysis of cause and effect was correct. History of Peloponnesian War was hisbnitable work. He later died in 400BC at the age of 60 years.

 5. Edward Gibbon

            He was born on 8th May 1737. He was an English historian and wrier. The history of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire was his most important work which was published as six volumes between 1776 and 1788. They are known for quality and irony of its prose. They are used as primary sources and also for polemical criticism of oragnised religion. He was preceeded by Samuel Salt and Edward Eliot and succeeded by Samuel Salt and Wilbraham Tollemache. This was in his office from 1781-1784. He worked as a member of Parliament for Lymington.

He also worked as a member of Parliament for Liskeard from 1774 to 1780. He was preceded by Harry Burrard and Thomas Dummer. He was succeded by Harry Burrard and Willim Manning. He died on 16th January 1794 at the age of 56 years.

6. Ian Kershaw

              He was born in 1943. He is an English historian and author. His works are focused on the Germany’s social history of 20th Century. He was particularly noted for his writings on Hitler. He was regarded as leading experts on Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. His residence was at Manchester England. He was known for studies of German Social history, especially Alltagsgeschichte, and for working towards the Furher concept.

He also worked as a historical adviser on numerous BBC documentaries.

 7. David Starkey 

He was born on 3rd January 1945. He is an English constitutional historian. He also worked as a radio and a television presenter. He attended Kendal Grammar School and later joined at Cambridge through a scholarship. He specialized in Tudor history. He also wrote
thesis on King Henry-8 household. He later moved to the London School of Economics. There he worked as a lecturer in history until 1998. He also made appearance on many television shows. His first appearance was on Granada Television’s Behave Yourself in 1977 with Russell Harty.

8. Isaiah Berlin

               He was born in 1909. He was a Russian-British political and social theorist. He is also a philosopher and historian of ideas. He studied at New College, All Souls College, Wolfson College at Oxford University. His main interests are Political philosophy, History of ideas, Ethics, Modern history,  Marxism, Russian literature, Romanticism, and Russian History. His notable ideas are negative or positive liberty distinction, value pluralism, and counter-enlightenment. He died on 5th November 1997 at the age of 88 years.

9. Niall Ferguson

His full name was Niall Campbell Ferguson. He was born on 18th April 1964. He was a British historian. He works as a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. He also worked as a senior research fellow at Jesus College, Oxford. His residence was at Washington D.C, U.S. He was mostly known for Empire : How Britain Made the Modern World, Civilisation: the West and the Rest. His interesting fields are International history, American and British imperial history, and economic and financial history. His institutions are Harvard University, Christ’s College Cambridge, and many other Universities.

10. David Hume

He was born on 7th May 1711. He was a Scottish Enlightenment philosopher, economist, historian, and essayist. He was most famous as high influential system of philosophical skepticism, naturalism, and empiricism. His famous writings were A Treatise of Human Nature in 1739. He did his schooling on Scottish Enlightenment, Naturalism, Empiricism, Skepticism, Conceptualism, Indirect realism, and many others. His main interests are Epistemology, Metaphysics, Aesthetics,

His main interests are Epistemology, Metaphysics, Aesthetics, Ethics, Philosophy of religion, Political philosophy, Classical economics, and Philosophy of mind. His notable works are Moral sentiments, Science of man, Hume’s fork, Association of ideas, Bundle theory, Constant Conjunction, Problem of induction, and Impression-idea distinction. He died on 25th August 1776 at the age of 65 years at his residence Edinburgh, Scotland.  


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