Tips to score highest marks in CBSE Exams

The examination conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examines student’s mental ability and their knowledge. It defines the quality of education acquired by him/her within a particular time frame. However for some students exams are like a nightmare, they tend to become anxious and nervous as it needs a lot of hard work and preparation. Every student is different from the other; comparison among each other might break their confidence level.  The  understanding/grasping capacity differs from individual to Individual. As an initial step of preparation it’s very important to collect and analyse the Syllabus. While preparing, rather than aiming for high scores, focus on understanding the concepts. Concepts are like roots, so if roots are strong one can overcome any challenges. Do not wait for the right time to finish the syllabus, start preparing as early as possible and make sure you get enough time to go through all the topics. Once after finishing the syllabus, revise everything until you are confident. There is no harm in revising several times because practice makes you perfect.

 Here are few tips to crack your CBSE board exams successfully:

Systematic Planning: Planning a systematic exam preparation schedule plays a vital role. Firstly do a SWOT analysis and figure out your strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Work on your weakness; try to concentrate more on tough subjects and concepts. Understand the exam pattern and plan accordingly. Make a time table and set daily goals. Take 10-15minutes short breaks after every 2 hours while studying. By the end of the day check if you have accomplished the set goals. Refer to various sample papers and previous year question papers. Every alternative day take up tests or solve worksheets and measure your level of perfection.

Do not procrastinate: Postponing tasks can result in lack of time to prepare thoroughly and this often leads to anxiety, frustration and stress. Things will pile up if you don’t finish it on time so set short term targets and finish it without fail.

Manage your Time: Time management is very crucial, many students lose marks due to improper time management. The best way to manage time is by solving more and more sample papers. By doing this you will get to know which part of the question paper consumes more time. Based on this you can divide the allocated time and perform efficiently.

Self- care: Your health is your wealth so do not neglect your health. Eat well, consume nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, avoid junk foods and keep yourself hydrated. It is also necessary to maintain a proper sleep schedule. Go early to bed and wake up early in the morning, at least 6-7 hours of sleep is must. Early morning is the best time to study as your mind will be refreshed and there will be less disturbance around you. 

Stress Control: Studying continuously without any relaxation can have negative impacts on your preparation. Hence keep your-self active by doing some physical and mental exercises. Yoga, meditation and sports can improve your concentration power and help you stay focused and productive. Listening to slow music may also help you to keep calm and patience.

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Hope these tips and suggestions  help you to score good marks in your upcoming exams. Wish you best of luck.


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