Father of Physics

Albert Einstein

Einstein was born on 14th March 1879. He was German-born theoretical physicist. He also developed a theory of relativity, which is a main pillar of physics along with quantum mechanics. He was also most famous for his work in the philosophy of science.

      Mass-energy equivalence formula is the most famous among all of his works. The equation for this work is E = mc2 , which was considered the world's most popular equation. He received noble prize in the year 1961, for his work on theoretical physics and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.

 To reconcile the law of electromagnetic field, Einstein thought that Newtonian mechanics will not be enough. So he developed his special theory of relativity. He developed this at the Swiss Patent office in Bern from 1902-1909.

Einstein also published a paper on general relativity in 1916. Later, he also dealt with the problems of statistical mechanics and quantum theory. This led him to the explanations of particle theory and the motion of molecules. Except for his one year living in Prague, he lived in Switzerland in 1895 and 1914.

In 1933, when was visiting the United States, Hitler was the one at power there. But from there he never returns to Germany because of his Jewish background. He became an American citizen in 1940 by getting settled in the United States.

Einstein published more than 150 non-scientific works. He also published more than 300 scientific paper works. Einstein is often called as a genius for his excellence in his career and also for his intellectual achievements.

Physics usually referred to as knowledge of nature. Physics is a branch of natural science which studies about the matter and its motion and behavior through space and time. This studies about the study that related to the energy and force.

Physics can be considered as one of the most fundamental disciplines. Its main goal is to understand how the universe behaves by studying the laws of nature happening around. Physics can be considered as the most disciplined because of its inclusion in astronomy which was very older.

For example, advancements in electromagnetism and nuclear physics, direct advancements in these led to the inventions of this modern society. Some of the best examples which we use in our daily life were television, computers, domestic appliances, and nuclear weapons.

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