Top most beautiful paintings in the world.


1. Starry night

      First on the list is this beautiful painting by Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch artist. Mr. Vincent van Gogh says that this beautiful painting is a direct inspiration from the song Starry starry night. This painting shows the beautiful skies of the Saint-remy village. The painting’s prominence and beauty lie in the swirly effects used to paint the sky. Currently, this beautiful painting is showcased at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Vincent says the entire idea of this beautiful painting is to illustrate the modern-day world. 

2. The Persistence of memory

       This wonderful painting comes with essential meaning to all the generations to come. The Spanish artist Salvador Dali says that this painting depicts the importance of time. In the painting – Persistence of memory, one can see soft clock lying on hard surface. He says that one will have to regret, when time is not spent wisely. The soft watch in the painting showed surrealism. On a whole, this painting is just not only beautiful but is also has great message.


3. Mona Lisa

        Probably there is no one that doesn’t know well about this marvelous painting of Mona Lisa. This beauty is painted by Leonardo da Vinci. One interesting aspect about the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci is that it is a painting, but not a canvas. Did you know that this painting got all its light only when it was stolen in the year 1911?! You heard that right. Of course, all the local newspapers had their hand in publishing the news of this theft. And thus, was exposed to the light of popularity. The expensive synthetic used in the painting of Mona Lisa helped this wonderful art creation.


4. The Kiss

         This lovely painting by Gustav Klimt first shows the bohemian style. The gold finish in the background of the subject in this painting adds glamour to it. This art of Gustav has two sexes in it i.e. both man and women and thus, stands different from rest of the other art works of Gustav.


5. The Scream

     This painting by Edvard Munch is bit different from the rest in here. And that, is because of the beautiful illustration of the emotions through blurry effects. Now, isn’t that cool and interesting?! One can clearly understand the emotion and backdrop of this painting. The blurry effect is definitely an eye-catching aspect.



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