Ten most powerful militaries in the world


1. United States of America

United States of America topped the list of ten most powerful militaries in the world and this I definitely not a surprise to anyone. Do you have any idea about the number of military forces in the USA? They are having more than three million military personals. The military aircrafts are 4000 and they spend 44 billion dollars every year for their military budget. You can simply can them as the superpower of military forces and they are top in the list for very long. Most of you must be pretty sure that no one is going to beat them and that is true.


2. Russia



 Now in the list you have another most scary country and the powerful military, Russia. Many people in America just grew up thinking that they will be attacked by Russia at any point, but that did not happen. Many people are still scared about it. They have a military of 3,712, 500 personnel and budget of 161 billion


3. China



China is a country that scares almost everyone, except if you a Chinese. Yes, every Chinese would be proud of their military. Like Russia or United States, they do not have the best weapons or too many aircrafts, but they have the best military and they are almost 4,207,250. Their military budget is also really high when compared to many countries.


4. India


Not many people would have expected this country in this list. India is more popular for its vast population, but it is definitely a country that cannot be pushed away to a corner so easily. India is standing 4th in the list of powerful militaries in the world and it is a superpower of the best military forces in the world. They have a budget of 35 billion, with 4 million military personnel.


5. France


When it comes to France, usually people are very irritated with them, but of them would dare to say it on their faces. This is all because of their strong military forces. They are having a military of almost 390,000 people and a budget of 35 billion. This is one of the small countries in this list.


6. United Kingdom


How can we miss the United Kingdom in the list of powerful militaries in the world. Just like the United States of America, UK is also called as the superpower of military in the world. In fact, you can these two as a double side knife. Whenever you think about attacking United Kingdom, then you should always be ready to face the army of the United States. It is true the other way as well. When United States is also involved into something, then the UK is also dragged into it. With a budget of 45 billion, there a 230,000 personnel in the United Kingdom military.


7. Japan


Most of you must have already guessed that Japan is definitely going to make it to the list of top 10 most powerful militaries in the world. They may not have the military superpower, but they are very advanced technologically and hence that is making this country really strong. With a budget of over 44 billion, Japan is having 310,000 personnels in their military. Even when you have a lot of tankers to attack Japan, they may come up with a number of robots who can attack you back. You can never expect what they are planning for their wars.


8. Turkey


Next in the list, you have Turkey. Many people may not be expecting this name at all in this list. But do not take Turkey so light, at least not when it comes to its military. When it comes to their military budget, it allocates just 8 billion, but they are having a military of 750,000 people. This is making them really strong. Another important thing that you need to know about the Turkey military is they have ties with the Russian military. Turkey buys missiles from Russia. This is making them much stronger.


9. Germany


Germans, there was a time when they wanted to take over the entire world and they failed. Since then people think that they do not have pretty good military force. But that is not true anymore. They have trained their military so well that they have a military of 200,000 personnel today with a budget of 39 billion. So, guys you cannot take their military lightly anymore.



10. Egypt

In the list of top 10 countries with strongest militaries in the world, you cannot miss Egypt. This is one of those countries that spends less on their military forces, but still is able to get the best out of them. They spend only 4000 billion for their military force of 1,300,000 personnel. ISIS is their biggest threat and they are also trying to fight back them and they will get them for sure.













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