Top Ten highest paid employees in the world.


1. Dara Khosrowshahi



        The Chief Executive Officer of Expedia since 2005, he is the highest paid employee in the world. His contribution to Expedia has been so much fruitful that Expedia has expanded to 160 countries of the world. He is a great business figure and knows the tactics of business and how to dwell in it. An organisation gets the immense potential to grow under his supervisory. He has its own insight into the business which he uses it to the very best potential. He makes whopping $94.6 million earnings annually.


2. Leslie Moonves


Being the Chairman of CBS Corporation, Leslie Loonves was in a management position from an earlier period of his life and he remained in the management position because of the huge success that TBS could do in the world of television entertainment. The ratings of TBS shows went up during his era by $56 million to $68 million. He has a unique vision which he gives to the world of TV shows and that made him the highest paid employee in the world. His annual earnings are $69.9 million.

3. Philippe P Dauman


     The former CEO of Viacom Philippe P Dauman had a great 2016 where he was given a package of $54 million. He had to exit from Viacom and the reasons till date remain unknown but that exit turned out to be of greatest benefit to him. He received $54.8 million has his termination benefits and the company had come into limelight since they terminated their highest paid employee.

4. Leonard S Schleifer



He is the owner and founder of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals which is one of the leading bio pharmaceutical companies in the world. From the time of its inception in the year 1998 till today, it had an increase in sales by 220% in the shares. He is a drug maker and founded Eylea drug which has been sold at an amount of 5 billion in the world. Leonard could fulfill his father’s dream in the world of edicines and he could grow his company immensely. There has been many drugs that have been introduced by the company in the recent past because of which his annual earnings are $47.5 million.

5. Robert A Iger



      Robert A Iger is the CEO of Walt Disney and he is known to love entertainment from his heart. During his time he gained 3 companies in Walt Disney increasing the brand value of the company. Robert believes in creativity and he keeps fresh creative content in his mind. He earns an annual base salary of $2.5 million and he also has $17.2 million shares and options investments. Walt Disney is expanding in content of creativity across the world. He has his annual earnings of $43.9 million.

6. Mark V Hurd

     The Director of Oracle, Mark V Hurd, is known for his performance in HP in the leading trail of 30 years. Mark has a huge experience in the field of industrial management. He comes up with unique and thoughtful ideas with the help of which the company can grow far better. He earns an annual package of $41 million. He works hard and is known for his friendly communication skills.

7. Safra A Catz

      She is the Co CEO of Oracle and she has 17 years experience in the field of Oracle and strategic management. She joined The Oracle as Senior VP in 1999 and she is the CEO of Oracle today. She deals with company’s financial and strategic management system. She has her base salary in $ 1 million and her equity worth $10.5 million. She has a progressive approach towards the company putting it in the success story. Her annual income is $40.9 million.

8. Frank J Bisignano

      A CEO of First Data Corporation, Frank is has a visionary sight to himself and could transform the company with innovative technology. He worked with JP Morgan in his earlier times and made 23000 employees work under him. With the help of strategic decisions, he could turn Big Data Incorporation into a great achievement. He could do this in a span of 4 years. He earns an annual salary of $13.8 million.


9. Sandeep Mathrani

      The CEO of General Growth Properties, Sandeep Mathrani joined the company when it was recovering from bankruptcy and he focused on the real estate and made the company growth in its assets in a short span of time. Sandeep Mathrani is a veteran in the real estate industry. He has an annual salary of $12.7 million.

10. Howard M Lorbard 


     The CEO of Vector Group, Howard is a business man and a smart investor and is in the field for a long time. His earnings increased from 2016 to 2018 by 40%. Apart from the base salary of $3.1 million as a package, he is also provided facilities of car and other perquisites. $90,000 is paid by the company in this regard and he is leading his life to the fullest. Apart from Vector Group, he is also the CEO of a Hot Dog Company and earns an annual package of $8.2 million.



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