Top 10 Universities in Canada

University of Toronto: 

When you are thinking about getting your bachelor’s or master’s degree from the best university in Canada, then it is going to be the university of Toronto. No other university can give you the best education than that is offered at this university. This university was founded in the year 1827 and one of the oldest universities in Canada. It has almost 700 undergraduate programs and nearly 280 doctoral and master’s programs for their students. This university is also famous for the biggest library.

McGill University:

According to the information provided on the official website of the university, this university was founded in the year 1821 and is one of the oldest universities here. This university has a strength of 40, 000 students and out of those 25 percent of the students are from other countries. Among all the universities in Canada, this university has a record of 12 Nobel prize winners and Rhodes Scholarships.



University of British Columbia:

Third in the list of best universities in Canada, you have
University of British Columbia. This is another oldest university with a good track record. It has two campuses, one is located in Kelowna and the other is located in Vancouver. The largest campus is Vancouver campus. There are more than 14 thousand international students in this university who are from 160 different countries in the world. There are 62,900 students in this university in total.

University of Alberta:

Located in the capital city of Alberta, Edmonton, University of Alberta is a good choice for those who are looking for the best education in Canada. This is a public research university and stands in the 4th place among the top 10 universities in Canada. This university has four different campuses with 150 building blocks.


Université de Montréal:

With French as their main medium of instructions, this Universite De Montreal or
University of Montreal is fifth in the list. This university was founded in the year 1878 and has almost 9000 international students. It offers education in different fields but it is popular in offering the best master’s degree in Law and other legal courses as well.

McMaster University:

This university, McMaster University was first founded in the year 1887 in Toronto. But later this university was moved to Hamilton in Ontario in the year 1930. This is a very popular university in Canada for medical school and is also having more than 70 research centers. This university offers more than 75 master’s degree programs like medical and health, engineering and technology, social sciences, Humanities, Natural sciences and mathematics, Computer sciences and IT, Journalism and media, and it is having 30,000 students in the university.


University of Waterloo:

Founded in the year 1957, this University of Waterloo is one of the youngest universities in Canada. This university is located in Ontario and is having more than 37 percent international students. There are almost 36,000 students in the university. This university offers part time and full time graduation and post graduation programs for the students. 24 master’s programs in Engineering and technology, computer science and IT, Social sciences, medicine and health, applied sciences and professions, Earth sciences and environmental sciences and business management.

Western University:

This University, Western University was founded in the year 1878, but it has enrolled its students for the first time in the year 1881.
At the beginning, it was offering courses just in divinity, art, medicine and law. But, the university has grown really well and is having more than 30 thousand students every year. Altogether it is having 81 master’s degree programs at this university.

University of Calgary:

This University of Calgary is another university in the list of the youngest universities and was founded in the year 1966. This university has 5 different campuses and one of them is in Qatar. This university has 30,000 students and it is also having a lot of international students. 80 master’s degree courses are offered in the university and they make sure to provide the best and world class education to all its students.

Queen’s University:

Queen’s University was founded in the year 1841, which is more than 26 years of before even Canada was founded. It has a tradition of 125 years and it is the oldest university in Canada. It has 22 thousand students and international students are also part of the university, almost 10 percent of the students are international. This university offers 82 master degree programs for the students.







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