Top 10 mysterious places in the World


1. Sailing Stones, Death Valley, California:

Usually, you must have seen that it is very important for some human being help to lift a stone, but h

ave you ever seen a stone sailing by its own? Well, this is possible in the Death Valley of California. This mystery was discovered in the year 1915 when people saw a track formed due to the sailing or movement of the stone. Since then it is still a mystery and no one is able to trace how the stones move in the Death Valley. Studied were done on the sailing stones, but none of them were able to find the real mystery behind it.

2. Magnetic Hill, Ladakh, India:

One of the most popular tourism places in India is Ladakh. People plan a casual trip to Ladakh and some people visit this place to beat the heat of summer in their place. Whatever is the reason behind it, you will hear about the Magentic hill on your way to Ladakh. This hill is said to pull the vehicles passing on that road. This magnetic hill is present on your way from Srinagar to Leh. When you are driving on this specific road, you can stop your vehicle and turn off the car completely. You can still see that your car is moving and it is going to move at a speed of 20 kms per hour. Yes, this is surprising and mysterious as well.

3. Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand:

Your next mystery is in the Koekohe Beach in New Zealand. When you look at the picturesque view of the view, it looks like some giant stones or giant eggs laid by some mammal. But you will find a number of mammoth boulders on the sea shore and they keep growing till they reach 12 feet circumference. There are many kinds of things that people believe and think about these mammoths, but there is no exact and correct reasoning about what actually are they.

4. Aokighara, Japan:

If you are a person who loves to watch thriller and mystery movies, then you must have heard about the movie THE FOREST, which was released back in 2016. This movie was all about Aokighara, which is located exactly at the foothills of Fuji Mountain in Japan. This forest is popular as suicide forest which haunts people. It is believed that almost 500 people who went inside the forest have committed suicide.

5. Eternal Flame Falls, Orchard Park, New York:


Next in the list of top 10 mysterious or creepiest places in the world, you have the Orchard Park in New York City. This place is so creepy and scary that it gives you goosebumps when you visit the place. In the park, there is burning inside the waterfall and this is called the eternal flame falls. This may not look creepy at the first sight, then you watch it keenly, then you will notice how can a flame burn inside the waterfall. This flame will sometimes even get extinguished, but the mysterious part is it will get lit up again. Mysterious, isn’t it?

6. Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park:

Another place, which is both mysterious and fascinating both at a time, is Yellowstone National Park. The old faithful geyser in the Yellowstone National Park. You will be able to witness more than 300 geysers erupting at a  time at this place. Among so many geysers, it is the old faithful geyser that is very popular and it has made this national park very popular. It erupts for every 55 minutes to 120 minutes and hence is very eye soothing as well. People love watching this kind of eruptions every now and then.

7. Pamukkale, Turkey:

Next in the list, you have a place called Lcium in Pamukkale in Turkey. From over 17 natural hot springs, snow was deposited and the result of this deposition is this snowy landscape. This happened for almost a thousand years and this was formed. This is all due to the mere calcium carbonate that was deposited due to the hot springs. Temperature in this place will sometimes reach 100 Fahrenheit as well.

8. Blood Falls, Antarctica:

It is really wonderful to watch a snowy mountain flowing, but how would it look like when there is a bloodstream in between the snowy mountain? Isn’t that creepy? There is always a bloodstream waterfall in between the flow. There are some glaciologist and microbiologists who say that this is all due to the high amounts of iron present in the water of the lake, but it is still mysterious to many people.

9. The Stone Forest – Shilin Stone Forest, China:

Next in the list of top 10 most mysterious places in the world is Shilin Stone Forest, which is located in China. When you talk about a forest, the first thing that anyone can think of is the green and big tree and the wild animals that live in the forest. But this Shilin Stone Forest in China is quite different from the rest of the forest. Here, you will find more limestone than the trees.

10. Longyearbyen, Norway:


Can you imagine just a few days of daylight and only a few days you will be able to experience the night time? But this happens in Norway and this is definitely mysterious. The sun never sets here and you will have day light only from 20th April to 23rd August.






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